The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide...  A Piece of Furniture for Everyone on Your List!

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide... A Piece of Furniture for Everyone on Your List!

Posted by Hilary Pereira on Dec 8th 2020

The holidays are here again, and so is that enduring and evergreen question:

“What to buy for the beloved people on my list?!”

A gift is an opportunity to remind those we love just how much we appreciate them. Sentimental gifts are great and so are practical and functional gifts. But, which ones rate better on the gift-giving scale? We think we can blend both this year for a perfect score.

Check out our holiday gift guide for ideas on buying that perfect something for everyone on your list.

Wow the Wellness Enthusiast in Your Life

From top to bottom, there is no better gift than good health. It simply is the most thoughtful gesture for another to support a loved ones well-being and lifestyle.

We all know that proper sleep is one of the most important parts of an overall wellness routine. Bad habits, stress, and a low quality mattress can all contribute to poor health. For the most productive days, we need the most restful nights!

Give the gift of a premium mattress like this one so that someone special in your life can wake up to wellness every day:

Mt Dana Firm White King Mattress and Foundation

The Busy Host

Isn’t there always that one person in the family that seems to ‘pull the weight’ of the holiday season?

From running endless errands to late night gift-wrap sessions, in constant pursuit and preparation mode for planning holiday meals, hosting parties and guests at home, and much more! These tireless loved ones will work around the clock - all in the name of making the season merry and bright for everyone else!

When the pine needles start to fall off the tree and the post-holiday buzz quiets down, all these hard working hosts deserve their own buzz worthy moment.

A great gift might be a gift certificate to a day spa for some relaxation, or try bringing the same rest and comfort to their home with a beautiful and cozy throw like this one for restful naps, curling up with a great book or straight chilling with a glass of wine by the fire.

Cecile Black Gray Throw

The Artist & Dreamer

We hope you all have this unique type of person in your life! That friend or family member who sees the world a little differently and perhaps with a little more color than most.

Meaningful gifts for this type might be a personalized journal for recording their dreams, an oversized sketch book for drawings or jotting down song lyrics and poems - or an annual membership to the local museum or cultural center.

We are loving this pair of carved sculptured wood wings for a significant and sweet reminder to always allow space for your dreams to take flight.

Branden Natural Sculpture Set

The Aspiring Chef

What can you possibly give the home cook who appears to already own every designer pot, kitchen gadget and monogrammed apron on the market?

As devoted viewers of the Food Network and avid cookbook readers, this type is seemingly inspired to create something new and exciting in the kitchen every week. And, like any master culinary whiz, they are always well prepared.

So, why not try wrapping their gifts instead with some personal panache? A popular cookbook set under the tree wrapped in natural butcher’s paper and tied in kitchen twine with artfully placed sprigs of rosemary, thyme and cinnamon sticks would make an inspired and memorable ‘bow’ and statement.

We also love this beautiful kitchen cart that creates a spot in any pantry or kitchen for storing extra spices, glassware, cookbooks and bottles of wine. The wheels on the cart create the perfect ‘moveable feast’ during a busy holiday season of hosting guests throughout your home.

2 Door Kitchen Cart Merlot and White

The Curious Collector

Who is that person on your list that just thrives on a great collection? Whether they are a voracious reader of limited edition anthologies, a curator of vinyl records from yesteryear, a lover of vintage coins and trading cards or maybe a more whimsical forager of seashells and found objects from family vacations and beach walks.

This 21-shelf bookcase is a perfect present to feature a collection of memorable objects and will allow space to keep filling up for many years to come.

21Shelf  Bookcase Cappuccino

Finally, a Proper Seat for “Santa”

You worked hard this year, the sleigh was overloaded and the trips were many. The chimneys weren’t always swept and it’s been both graceful and gritty! Now, it’s time to reward yourself for a job well done, and roll into the New Year in style.

A seat that offers both relaxation and elegance is just what 2020 ordered. We love this recliner that is upholstered in a chestnut colored top grain leather and will recline to one’s desired viewpoint.

Wishing this brings a heavy lifting “Santa” many comfortable nights throughout 2021!

The Living Room Power Recliner Pillow Top Arms

If this last year has taught us one thing, it is to really reflect and appreciate what is most important - our home and the people that live and gather there.

We hope you fill up your home with lovely memories all season long, a few beautiful pieces of furniture that will last a lifetime, and continuous health and joy.

Happy Holidays from NashCo!