Nine New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home!

Nine New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home!

Posted by Hilary Pereira on Jan 11th 2021

Most of us are more than ready to ring in the new year and wring out the last one! We may start our year by thoughtfully creating a list of resolutions, goals and ways we want to improve ourselves and our lives. Yet, a big part of self improvement starts with our environment. We are spending more time than ever within our homes so making a list of resolutions (and sticking to them...) for our living spaces is a great way to ensure positive change is closer than ever. We hope you enjoy these nine resolutions for a better home...and year!

1.) Out With the Old, In With the New...

After 2020, truer words have never been spoken! Kicking off a new year starts by setting the stage inside your home for happier outcomes, and this is not out of reach! To begin, go on a “site visit” to your own house. This is a job contractors will do when visiting spaces for the first time to assess what work needs to be done. With a notebook and pen, start by walking through your front door and spend time carefully reviewing each space in your home - this should include closets, cupboards and drawers. Do this exercise over a few days if it seems too overwhelming to complete in one ‘visit’. Pull out items that are broken and chipped or any mismatched cups and plates. Remove those pesky “odd ends” that don’t fit in with the rest of your decor. Set aside appliances that no longer work well and consider donating those to be refurbished. Throw out ripped cushions and blankets or tablecloths with permanent stains, and then get rid of any broken pieces of furniture clinging on to their last days. A healthy purge and cleanse can make a world of difference to how the inside of your home looks, flows and feels. And most importantly, it will change how you feel there. Once you are finished clearing out the old, and the items left in your home are only the ones you love, consider investing in a new storage piece that can be easily moved and utilized around the house like this one:

2.) Create an “Improvement” Calendar.

How great would it be if we could magically check everything off of our to-do lists at the strike of Midnight? Realistically, time and budgets do not allow for the completion of everything all at once, and many lingering projects carry over into the new year. Tackling home improvements in smaller ‘chunks’ is a much more tenable strategy. Create a calendar where you can plug in one or two tasks to deal with each month. Depending on the size and scope of a project, perhaps some will be addressed weekly, while others will need to be spaced out quarterly in order to support them with required resources. By creating an annual calendar that covers all outstanding home projects, especially those that may have been neglected last year, there is more accountability and ample time to plan, hire the right people, and manage these tasks without a sudden drain to your bank account.

3.) Room by Room...

One step at a time ultimately wins the race! As you set up your house for success in the 12 months ahead, go room by room and make a list of everything in each room that you really admire and use often. Then, carefully decide what items need to go so you can make space for only the things you truly enjoy. We love this home office desk and shelf combo for list making, space saving and more:

4.) Raise the Roof, Or at Least the Vibration!

How many of us have felt stagnant energy, or just a dull feeling when we put the key in the door? Year after year, looking at the same elements in a home can feel flat, and that affects our mood. A few easy ways to get some good energy going may be to change up the lighting in your space. Adding dimmers or soft lightbulbs can create a warm and peaceful vibe. Burning sage or lighting clusters of candles invites a comforting scent into your space. Open the windows, install speakers throughout your rooms or set your smartphone TV to a beautiful screensaver. Finally, download an article on Feng Shui, and then get to moving some pieces of furniture around for an instant mood upgrade!

5.) Clean Up Your Laundry Room.

Probably the least talked about room in the house, yet one that yields the most foot traffic! Reinvent this little corner to become a place you like to visit - not dread! Hang a bright piece of art on the wall, install a diffuser with uplifting essential oils like citrus orange and lavender, even hooking up a portable speaker to pipe in a Pandora station while you switch the loads can make a difference! This beautiful chestnut hamper with a removable canvas bag can help transform a dreary laundry day into a better one:

6.) Sugar, Spice & Everything Nicer.

Have you ever opened your kitchen cupboard only to be met with a tumble-down? Or, you can never locate a basic spice in a sea of messy jars, boxes and cans? Try investing in a collection of clear containers and labels to rehome your spices, sugar, flour and other dry goods into an organized assortment. This will provide easy access and a much nicer shelf view!

7.) Audit Your Energy!

This could be the best year to do a full energy audit at home. Post easy ways to lower household bills on a kitchen calendar or fridge and share with your family. Make it competitive and fun and the family member that checks the most boxes wins a prize. A few ideas could be to replace your showerhead to a more efficient one, adjust your fridge and freezer temperature, tighten up seals on windows, doors and appliances, take shorter showers or install smart power strips. Energy saving lightbulbs are always a great swap, but we really love the idea of hanging these wall sconces for a more natural glow:

8.) Open Door Policy!

What was that old saying about keeping your house to be ‘drop-in’ ready? For at any given moment, a neighbor, friend or visitor might pop over (unannounced) for a cup of tea? Open up this year with an open door policy. Dedicate a special pantry drawer for drop-in visitors filled with teabags, paper napkins or fresh candles you can pull out in a flash, or make some room in a closet near the front door if you need to quickly stow loose items out of the way. We love this beautiful tufted couch that doubles as a storage bench for super easy tidying up:

9.) Redefine Your Style.

A style makeover is always a good look. Take this new year as an excuse to reinvent a new genre at home. If you traditionally lean towards classic decor, throw in a few pieces with a whimsical flair. If you are a fashion-forward Bohemian that loves a little glamour, a Hollywood regency inspired light fixture would add a lot of sparkle to an otherwise carefree and comfortable room. 

Whatever 2021 may bring in the months to come, we hope your home remains one place that brings comfort and joy all year long.