How to Transform a Space from Lukewarm to Luxe

How to Transform a Space from Lukewarm to Luxe

Posted by Hilary Pereira on Feb 5th 2021

Winter months are upon us, daylight can seem fleeting, and many of us are working and spending most of our time inside. We could all welcome a departure from the ordinary routine.

Maybe it’s time to break out of the same old, same old and luxe things up a little?

When it comes to decorating your home, design descriptives like ‘luxurious’, ‘fancy’ or ‘opulent’ can go either way. An overabundance of crystal chandeliers or sparkling gold doorknobs can quickly fall into the indulgent and tacky category.

Of course there are great ways to take understated elegance and luxury across the finish line.

How to start? Find inspiration from some of your favorite places! Think back to that memorable hotel stay where you found yourself dreaming about the crisp hotel bedsheets weeks after the trip, or the way your ‘special occasion’ restaurant sets the table with such detail and charm.

Living with luxury need not be financially out of reach or over the top. A few changes can make a world of difference in how your home looks and how you feel in it!

Here are a few tips to get started:

A Feathered Foyer.

They say first impressions last forever, and an elevated entryway can make quite a statement. Even a smaller entrance area or hallway can be turned into a magnificent one.

Tall standing mirrors will work to make the space appear larger. Or, wake up those walls by hanging a unique piece of artwork next to the front door. A pair of wall sconces on either side of the doorway will greet your guests in a good light.

A set of accent mirrors like these in the timeless sunburst style can add texture and style to your entryway:

Placing a thin console table against a wall near the door will offer a perfect landing pad for a few high-end essentials. Every time you walk through the door you will be grateful for that pretty catch-all dish to drop your car and house keys, a neatly placed tray for stacking mail, and a vase filled with fresh flowers can make comings and goings a lot more pleasant.

The easiest way to elevate an entryway is to make sure it is free of clutter and debris. This area of your home will unwillingly attract tossed coats, soggy umbrellas, and far-flung shoes and bags. A quality storage bench like this one is a great solution to have by your door for stowing away these items:

Rare & Royal.

Designing a royal retreat at home won’t require a complete renovation. You can carry off a luxe look without having to refurbish every wall and floor. Instead of focusing on removal...try adding some decor elements to uplevel your space. Hunting at antique markets or vintage shops can deliver the most beautiful and rare treasures. A sculptured bust, or coveted collection of out-of-print novels artfully placed can transform a shelf or bookcase from drab to dignified.

A local loved store like is a great place to forage in Nashville!

Deliberate paint choices can instantly transform a vibe. Colors like metallic gold or lily white exude a sophisticated elegance. Deep hunter greens or royal blues carry formal yet fun flair. Nowadays, wallpapers are rolled out in many posh prints to stage the overall tone of a room.

Try hanging a classic piece like this gold quatrefoil mirror for a tasteful and timeless look:

5-Star Bedroom.

We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed! Does yours need an upgrade? A bedroom should definitely feel lush and luxurious...not only because it’s the room we spend the most of our minutes, but it’s the place we seek out for restoration and rest, and we should feel pampered.

One way to move from standard room rate to penthouse suite status could be taking a page from your favorite hotel, even if it’s one you have only seen in a movie! Invest in high thread count, hotel style bedding - the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet!

And don’t skimp on the duvet cover. Also, ironing sheets and bedding will immediately invent a more polished look.

Curate your nightstand to perfection. All chargers, devices and cords should be tucked far and away from that nightstand next to your bed. Sleep study data states that if you absolutely must keep your phone near your bed to use as an alarm clock, it should be on airplane mode.

A luxury nightstand should have no more than 3 items; a glass of fresh water, a box of tissues and a clear spot for you to place a book or pair of eyeglasses. That’s it!

A cluttered nightstand will make for cluttered dreams.

Last, think about installing a beautiful headboard or canopy for a more refined rest. Or, invest in a gorgeous bedroom set like this one that boasts a deep buttoned headboard upholstered in white linen with an antique finished frame.

Without a Bar, is it Really a Lounge?

Whether it’s a simple bar cart, or you have the space to design an entire lounge area...peppering a few key elements can help turn a lackluster room into a lavish lounge. The right lighting is a must! If you don’t already have dimmers, add those to your light plan. Or, decorate the space with an overabundance of candles for a moody, soft glow. Deep leather couches paired with oversized ottomans and pillows will invite guests to sink down into your lounge. A premium sound system for piping in Sinatra or a crackling fireplace are the cherries on top.

Obviously, the leading lady of a lounge is the bar. We love this set-up for a home bar that looks distinguished but not overbearing in a room. And, it offers plenty of room for wine, spirits, glassware and ice buckets.

Invest in the Best.

It’s the diminutive details that make life grand.

Investing in high quality items is great, but taking the time and energy for thoughtful gestures is more important.

A set of monogrammed guests towels, a signature fragrance wafting through your home from your favorite candle, hand embroidered cocktail napkins or a custom ice cube tray to serve drinks on stylish rocks. Those are the little moments that matter and will shine through for you and your guests. It’s not about being showy, it’s about quality over quantity, and attention to detail.

Luxury is a lifestyle, but mostly it’s a state of mind. If you are craving a little more luxe these days, we hope you turn up the volume and live it up!

Visit us online or in our store in Nashville for furniture and decor Inspo. We promise to treat you like royalty! Some days, Luxe is a must.