How to Create a Warm and Welcoming Dining Room in Your Nashville Home

How to Create a Warm and Welcoming Dining Room in Your Nashville Home

Posted by NashCo Furniture and Mattress on Sep 20th 2022

Transform your dining room into a warm, welcoming hub of memorable activities with friends and family with these suggestions.

Did you know that less than 30% of families in the United States regularly eat dinner together?

Jobs and busy school schedules can impact the time for the family to gather and communicate.

To spend more time with loved ones, you should focus on the dining room to make it a welcoming place. 

Continue reading to discover all you need to know about designing a dining room that will help your family connect! 

Cover the Basics 

The first step in creating a welcoming dining room is to create a plan.

You don't have to have all of the answers at the beginning, especially since decorating can be a process. Take time to consider all the features you want and need in your dining room.

Consider how many people you want to fit in the dining room and the effects that you want the room to have on yourself and others. You can turn a dull space into a warm and cozy environment with colors and decor. 

Below are a few more things that you should consider from the start! 

Set a budget

Designing a dining room can be a lot of fun. However, it can also get expensive.

There are many details to consider, especially if the cost of products is out of your reach. No matter your income, there is a way to improve your dining room. 

If you have a tight budget, our financing department can help you make affordable payments. There are several options for financing at Nash Co. that you can get funding from. Koala finance, Synchrony Bank, and Wells Fargo are great options.

Some people have also found private financing companies to help cover the costs.

Your budget shouldn't put you into too much debt. Without preparing for the unexpected, you might come across surprises. It isn't uncommon for people to discover rotting wood or faulty wiring wire redoing a room.

Set aside some extra money for unexpected expenses so you aren't unprepared.  

Pick Your Colors 

Selecting a color scheme is one of the most stressful components of designing a room. 

Warm colors like red, yellow, and orange help people feel comforted and safe. These are great colors to use, but they can become distracting in large amounts. Instead of painting the walls in these shades, try cottage white.

Using neutral paint can help you combine various decorative items without clashing. Our two-tone tables and furniture will stand out in front of a clean canvas. The different wood stains will make a statement with almond color walls and let the furniture do the talking!

It's best to paint your walls and pick a color scheme at the beginning to help bring it all together. Once you select your colors, filling the room with beautiful objects will be simple. 

Add red and orange decor to make the room vibrant and welcoming. 


It's easy to overlook the dining room floor when you are busy focusing on the decor. 

Most people update dining room flooring when they redesign the room. Not only is new flooring cleaner, but it can also hide damaged areas and make the room visually appealing. 

Many customers have wood or laminate flooring, which is durable. If you like having this style, it can help to place a carpet under the table. Carpets prevent the floors from getting stretched and also draw attention to the table. 

You don't have to use intricate designs on the floors since the furniture and decorations will matter most in the dining room. Pets and children are often the most influential factors when deciding on the material.

Light Fixtures 

There is plenty of sunshine in Nashville, but to brighten up your home, even more, you should get new light fixtures. 

Low chandeliers and rustic light fixtures look great in dining rooms. You can find a unique design to match your Flaybern table set and hang it just above the table. Depending on the fixture and bulbs, it can create ambient lighting.

Adjustable lights are ideal for dining rooms so that you can adapt over the day. With the right light fixture hanging from the ceiling or on the wall, you can create a focal point. 

Exposed lighting is good if you don't have room for a chandelier. You can install twinkle lights or Edison bulbs to complete the look. 

When the bulbs are too bright, it can be a deterrent for guests. Look for lower-wattage bulbs to find the best shade. 

Finding Furniture

When it comes to filling the dining room, Nash Co. furniture has your needs. 

Many people recommend getting our dining sets since they include your kitchen table and chairs. Your set will be based on 3 factors; such as height, size, and shape. We have rectangular, and round dining room sets to choose from that will fit any room. 

Your furniture will be the most important feature of the room. Investing in the right pieces can keep your family at the table and build stronger connections. 

If you are in the Nashville area and want the best furniture for your money, there are a few things to consider. 

Pick the Right Brand

Were you aware that more than 50% of people in the US often make purchasing decisions based on recommendations?

Brand names are often the most reliable options since they have the most recommendations. Nash Co. Furniture carries excellent brands such as Direct Express by Ashley and Elements. Signature Design by Ashley, Ashley Furniture, and Coaster Fine Furniture are other options to view on our site. 

The brand name is crucial since each designer has a unique style. Take a look at all of our wonderful options to determine if you want a furniture set that is more modern or rustic. If you are looking for modern styles, for example, Moe's Home Collection is best. 

Select Your Colors & Material

Red, orange, and yellow should get used in your dining room to make the space welcoming. 

You can use these colors in your dining room since they often pair well with wood furniture. With your decor or fabrics, colors can make a statement and draw people into the dining space.

There are many fabrics to choose from when you put curtains or blinds up. Try to get something to place over the windows to make the space more intimate. Dark colors are great for blocking out sunlight and adding depth to neutral-colored rooms. 

Don't be afraid to play with different fabric types on your chairs. Since most chairs come already cushioned or require one, you want them to match the aesthetics. Combining materials and layering them will impress your guests and provide more to discover during each visit. 

Decide on a Style

Farmhouse, modern, and industrial styles are some of the most common influences when buying furniture. 

You can mix different styles to create a unique look for your family. Think about what will bring your family together and create an environment where people feel safe. Going with an industrial look isn't best for creating a welcoming environment. 

Deciding on a style is important since you want everything to blend. Once you have a theme in mind, buying decorations and adding special touches will be easier. You will have a sense of direction when you confidently pick one or more styles.

While you shop for furniture, pay attention to the brands you are drawn to. The brand will provide insight into the style to want in your home. 

Create a Focal Point 

Whether you want to host large dinners or game nights with friends, people need to get drawn to the dining room. 

Adding a kitchen cart to hold beverages can encourage interaction in the dining room. You can use these carts, the table, or other items to attract your guest's attention. This is the best room for people to congregate in since they can drink and eat without worrying about ruining other furniture in the house. 

The table is a great focal point and can be highlighted with decor. You can place centerpieces in the middle of the table and add placemats or silverware. On special occasions, the table becomes the focal point just by placing the food down.

Creating the focal point is a creative task where you can show your personality. Look for meaningful and comforting items your guests will love too. Not only will your focal point bring everyone to the same place, but it also acts as a talking point!

Don't be afraid to showcase some of your collectible items or antiques near your furniture. 

Bring It All Together

After getting your decor and furniture, you will need to bring all of your items together.

This part can be tricky, but with the proper perspective, you can ensure that items aren't clashing with your dining room design. Using our decorative objects, you can blend different styles. For example, it's common for people to blend industrial and modern styles in their homes. 

When you don't have anything to tie the decor and furniture together, the room can feel incomplete. If you have a lot of space, you should add something that will enhance the room. 

It can help to talk to family members. They can get a feel of what the dining room is lacking so that everyone's needs are met. 

Make Gradual Changes

Around 70% of Americans decorate their home's interior during the holidays. 

Although you don't have to replace your brand-new furniture each season, you can still change the surroundings. Fixing your dining room decor can help you decorate for the holidays. Another advantage is that it will be a fresh and welcoming space.

Changing the decor and incorporating new furniture can update the space and help you get closer to your final vision. Designing your dining room takes time, as you will notice things you want to adjust as the months go on. 

If there were items that you didn't invest properly in, fix them as you build back your budget. It's more reasonable to approach the design over time so that you don't get overwhelmed or go broke. There is nothing worse than getting halfway through a project and not being able to complete it. 

Use the Space

Decorating a dining room is one thing, but you need to use the space to ensure that your design is practical.

Since renovating the dining room can be expensive, you don't want your money to go unused. If you care for the furniture and decor, your items won't get damaged.

If you are concerned about staining our beautiful tables, you can cover them with glass or plastic. These materials can prevent stretches and stains, without hiding the beauty of your table set. 

Your dining room should get used for more than just the holidays. Often eating in the living room can harm you and your child's health. Eating meals at the table can decrease the risks of overeating and vitamin deficiencies since there aren't any TV screens. 

Make the Most of the Sunlight

What makes our wood furniture so valuable is that you can see the grains and colors. 

Placing your dining room fixtures near a window will help the beautiful colors stand out. Think about what time of day the sun passes your dining room and try to host dinners around that time. It's also nice to open the window on a breezy and warm day. 

The sunlight can help you save on utilities, but it adds a unique tone of brightness to the room. When the sunlight hits your red, yellow, and orange decor, the colors will burst and make the space exciting. 

Don't forget that the sun can be unforgiving on hot summer days. This is why you need to invest in curtains that will match the furniture. 

Add Soft Elements

The dining room can be a difficult place to make warm and welcoming with more rustic styles.

Wood and metal fixtures can become more welcoming by softening their appearance. Cushions, rugs, and pillows can add a special touch to the dining room and help encourage people to spend more time together.

Rugs are perfect for dining rooms with tile or hardwood flooring. When you eat, you don't want to feel the cold floor beneath your feet. Pillows are a wonderful addition since they can make wooden chairs more comfortable. 

Upholstered furniture is perfect for creating a plush and pleasant dining space. Although the fabric can get stains, you can get a protective layer to help prevent liquids from penetrating the fibers. 

Keep Your Necessities Nearby

Think about the times you have hosted a party or had company over.

Recalling the activities you did can help you design a dining room that is prepared and welcoming for everyone. Our cabinets, islands, and shelves are perfect for storing items. They also won't take anything away from your beautiful interior designs. 

Multifunctional cabinets are great for the dining room since they can hold glasses, beverages, and games. You can keep board games, cards, and other activities in your carts to ensure the party doesn't stop. Most people use these shelves for holding wine and liquor. 

Think Outside of the Box

To make your dining room unforgettable, you must do something different.

There isn't a perfect design to follow when decorating a dining room. To make a lasting impression on guests and yourself, you need to try something that no one has done. You can do this by mixing different furniture and decor styles.

Try to find inspiration while shopping online for decorations and furniture. 

It also helps to hang artwork or add sculptures to the room. These can act as talking points when conversations get quiet and will add more depth to the room. Bright and cheerful items like lemons or plants should also make an appearance to lighten things up. 

Prepare for the Outdoors

The weather is often beautiful in Nashville, making it hard to stay inside some days.

If you don't have large windows to open, you should invest in items that can also get used outside. Dining room carts are the best solution to this problem. You can move your cart outside to keep the party. When it starts to cool off, you can move back to the dining room. 

These carts can store all of your items so that you aren't running back and forth. Although the dining room will be the main place for socializing, you should try to think about the people who want fresh air. 

Consider Structural Designs

Wooden beams across the ceiling, brick walls, and built-in shelving can all help people feel more comfortable.

Having these features will draw attention to the foundations of the home. When people can see pieces of the original building it can add a lot of character to the room. An inviting dining room should highlight these spots and bring out their rich colors.

Built-in shelves in the dining room can make your home more inviting since you can display family memories and cookbooks. Showcasing these items will make your home feel more intimate and loving. To incorporate industrial styles in the house, wooden and metal ceiling beams can add a lot to the room. 

If you have a rounded room or add structural elements, make sure you consider the locations of the furniture. The table belongs in the center of the room and other items can go along the walls. This format ensures that there will be enough space to move around. 

Ask For Help

At some point in the designing process, the details and budgeting might become too much. 

Asking for assistance from our team can help you create your dream dining room and still fall within your budget. Interior designers can also help you blend items, but it's simple once you contact customer support. 

Whether you have a quick question and ask online or talk to a consultant, you'll get pointed in the right direction. Visiting the store can also help inspire you when decorating and finding furniture. 

When you need help with delivery and can't get your items inside the house, there is a solution. Delivery teams can set up your dining room so that all you have left to do is decorate and cook. 

Don't be afraid to ask family members and friends for advice when you're picking furniture. It's helpful to get another perspective. Another set of eyes will prevent you from overlooking any details!

Help Your Dining Room Impress Guests 

There are many places to feel welcome in Nashville, but you can turn your dining room into one of the best. 

Whether you want to bring your family together for dinner or a social hour, your dining room should be the focus. By designing your dining room, you can design a room that makes people feel comfortable and calm. Since so much time is around food, this room becomes one of the busiest areas in the house. 

With the right colors and reliable brands from our store, you can blend your favorite styles. Furniture can be a great focal point, but you'll need to ensure that the style matches your theme. 

Don't be afraid to incorporate deep shades of yellow and orange, especially if you choose neutral-colored flooring or walls. You and your guests will love the final looks and adjustments can get made as you discover new brands. 

Be sure to check out our home accents that will complete your interior design plans throughout the house!