Help! Should I Purchase a Classic or Trendy Sofa or Sectional?

Help! Should I Purchase a Classic or Trendy Sofa or Sectional?

Posted by Lauren Rogers on Dec 30th 2019

Expressing yourself through decorating is one of the best things about furniture shopping! It’s fun to see what your eye is drawn to and add some color to your world. You can apply that same creativity and excitement when you’re purchasing a sofa, whether it’s a trendy or a classic style.

But when you’re purchasing a sofa, when do you know whether to go classic and or when to go trendy? A sofa or sectional is a big purchase that will hopefully last for years, so you want to make it count! Here are a few things to think about when you’re making that decision.

The Difference Between a Traditional or Trendy Look Matters in Home Decor

Why do you need to think about the difference between a classic or trendy sofa? Well, it goes beyond just a matter of taste. You can love an intriguing sofa you see in a Vogue spread, but not necessarily want it in your own home. You can also get stuck in a sea of sameness with the neutral colors of a classic sofa. What matters is the room itself, as well as the atmosphere you are trying to create for your family and your guests.

When Selecting a Trendy or Classic Piece of Furniture, Think About What Brings You Joy

While there are advantages to going both trendy or classic with your sofa choice, a choice is generally clear. Starting with Marie Kondo’s famous “What brings you joy?” adage isn’t a bad place to start. That could be a pop of color in the living room or a calming, relaxing area in your office. Luckily, we have plenty of choices in either direction to get you started!

The Location of Sofa in the Living Room

A smaller area like an office or guest room can be a great place for a trendy or brightly colored sofa. It serves as a piece of art and will make your guests (and you!) smile. If you’re in a larger space, however, a classic approach could be a wise choice.

Mid-Century Modern Grey Adjustable Sofa Bed

Size of the Sofa or Sectional Matters

Smaller, curvy retro sofas are currently in style, which fit perfectly into small spaces. Choose funky and fun ‘70s colors like sage and mustard, or stay traditional with black and grey. If you’re choosing a larger sofa, a classic sofa will fill out the room as the perfect neutral base for pillows and other decor. We love throw pillows and throws to change it up from season-to-season.

Everly Contemporary Grey Sofa

Aesthetic of the Room

When you’re able to describe your personal interior style, you’re more likely to make more lasting furniture purchases. That translates into individual rooms as well. Is it a place of sanctuary? Is it a place for gathering? Is it a sturdy, functional space? That decision drives your sofa choices!

Multiple Sofa Purchase

Filling up a larger space? A solid, classic style can be the best route! When you’re purchasing so many of the same style of sofas, choose one that will ground the rest of your style. A neutral color will create a cohesive look.

Zenon Casual Brown Sofa

So What’s Right for Me?

A sofa can be an intimidating purchase, but by taking some time to evaluate what’s important to you, it can also be a fun adventure! Take a few days to think about the location, size, and aesthetic you want for your sofa. Then come in soon to see our fabulous in-store options and chat with friendly team members who can help walk you through these decisions!