Five Pieces of Furniture Every Dad Needs

Five Pieces of Furniture Every Dad Needs

Posted by Shelby Rose on Jun 12th 2020

"What are we getting dad for Father's Day this year?" If this question is being whispered around your home it may be an indication that you have a dad who “has everything.” Dads that seem to have all the tools and toys can be quite hard to buy for!

What if this Father’s Day, you considered giving dad a gift that would keep on giving? A gift that will last for years to come?

The Gift of Furniture

The gift of furniture is thoughtful, unique, and will continue providing value long after the wrapping paper is ripped away. Furniture creates spaces for dads to pursue their passions, relax after a long day, and gather together with the ones he loves most- you! Is that not the kind of gift he deserves this year?

Here are 5 pieces every dad needs.

1. Power Recliner

No house is complete without “dad’s chair.” This chair, while coming in a variety of fabrics and functions, is simply a special place for dads to rest and recharge. It is a place to sink into after a hard day on the job, watch the game on Saturday afternoons, or hold grandchildren while reading stories.

Composer Gray Power Recliner with Adjustable Headrest

There are three main types of recliners to consider.

  • Manual Motion- requires you to pull a lever to release the head and foot rest.
  • Push Back Motion- push back into the chair with your body weight to send the headrest back and footrest forward.
  • Power Motion- powered by an electric source, simply press a button to move into a reclined position.

Lastly, recliners can hold a host of amenities options ranging from cup holders, to UBS ports, to massage features! Ask yourself, “What would serve dad best?”

2. Desk

In today’s world, work for the average dad does not always look like a 9-5 office job. It is common to find dads working early in the morning or for moments in the evenings to finish projects or send important emails. A solid, spacious workspace gives dads a space to get work done efficiently and effectively at home when needed.

Aldwin Gray Home Office Lift Top Desk

With a developing wide variety of styles it has never been easier to find the perfect desk for dad. For someone who mainly works from an office chair during the day, a desk with a standing station option would be a great choice. For a man who needs storage space for important documents, built in file cabinets are a must-have feature.

3. Motion Sectional

Movie night. Game night. The big game.

Dad’s need a space to gather with those they love while staying comfortable and relaxed. A motion sectional sets the perfect stage! As a hybrid of a power recliner and a big comfy couch, these pieces create spaces for lasting memories such as games won by buzzer beaters and movie Christmas movie traditions.

Tambo Pewter Two Piece Sectional

When considering this kind of investment be sure to consider what you would love to see in your space in the long term. Whether you are looking for a traditional sectional style or a flexible loveseat and couch combo, this purchase is sure to become, not just dad’s, but your family’s new favorite hang-out spot!

Stoneland Fossil Reclining Sofa & Double Reclining Loveseat with Console

4. Desk Chair

An unsupportive desk chair can make work not-so-enjoyable rather quickly. To support your dad as well as he supports your family, give him the gift of a sturdy, supportive, and comfortable desk chair. A good desk chair will keep the body at ease and mind clear, allowing dad to work at his best.

Cappuccino Office Chair

If your dad prefers a stable, non-mobile chair, consider strong and classic styles such as wood and leather that will be “in” for decades to come. If your dad prefers the flexibility of rollers, consider a rolling chair built for easy use.

5. Entertainment Center

For the dad who loves watching his favorite Netflix series or doesn’t want to miss a minute of his team’s big game, an entertainment center is a must have! Not only are entertainment centers functional, as they can hold all of dad’s tech gadgets, they are also stylish and bring depth to any TV room.

For a dad who loves an organized, efficient space consider entertainment centers with lots of room for hidden storage. For a dad who likes a large viewing experience consider a low profile center that sets the TV up as the main attraction.

Blinton White Center TV Stand

Whether your dad is an avid outdoorsman or corporate leader, furniture is a gift that is as strong, sturdy, and long lasting as he is.

Show him how much you care this Father’s Day.