Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Sectional Sleeper Sofa in Nashville, TN

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Sectional Sleeper Sofa in Nashville, TN

Posted by NashCo Furniture and Mattress on Sep 20th 2022

What do you know about buying a sectional sleeper sofa? Learn about how to find the best options for your budget and needs here.

Did you know that the average American spends about 14 hours per week sitting on the couch? Couches are often the most-used furniture pieces in our homes.

The only furniture item most people use more often is the bed. After all, we spend about 36 years of our lives sleeping.

With so much time spent sleeping and relaxing, many people want to get the most bang for their buck when it comes to furniture. That is why the sectional sleeper sofa is so popular.

Sleeper sofas double as a couch and bed in one. Depending on the type of sleeper sofa you get, the bed may pull out or fold down.

This extra sleeping space is perfect for guests, kids, or even yourself when you are too exhausted to climb the stairs. And the sectional aspect means you will have tons of sitting space when you tuck away the sleeper bed.

Do you need help picking the perfect sectional sofa sleeper in Nashville, TN? Then keep reading this buyer's guide for everything you need to know.

Types of Sleeper Sofas

Before we get into the details of sectional sleepers, we wanted to briefly mention the other types of sleeper sofas available in Nashville, TN. Here is everything you need to know about each.

Pull-Out Sofas

Originally called Hide-A-Beds, pull-out couches first emerged in the 1940s. These sofas include a full-sized bedframe and mattress that tucks away into the couch cushions.

You would simply remove the cushions when it is time to pull out the bed. On older models, you would then lift the metal handle or bar on the frame.

Newer, high-end pull-out couches have lock buttons. These sofas will automatically release the sleeper frame and mattress with the press of a button.

Kin to the pull-out sofa is the Murphy bed, originally called the In-A-Dor bed. This bed would fold out into a built-in closet to save space.

Sofa Beds

Sofa beds are even older than pull-out couches. The first sofa bed patent was filed in 1925.

Sofa beds are similar to pull-out couches, but they do not come with mattresses. The bed frame sits under the cushions and folds out into a small bed. Then, the couch cushions serve as the "mattress" for sleeping on.


"Futon" is a Japanese word describing sleeping mattresses covered in light duvets. Today, we in Western culture refer to a futon as a type of seating that can lay out flat and transform into a bed.

Manufacturers typically make futons out of metal or wood. They can accommodate twin, full, and queen mattresses. However, the futon pad is not a standard-sized mattress, only measuring around 8-inches thick.

During the day, you could arrange the futon into a couch-like arrangement. At night, you would fold down the back of the futon into a flat cot-like bed. If you want a thicker mattress, you can purchase one to replace the futon pad.

Sectional Sofa Sleepers

Sectional sleepers combine the benefits of a sectional plus those of a sofa bed or pull-out couch. For example, you can find sectionals with foldout sofa beds. Or you can buy a sleeper sectional with a pull-out bed.

Sleeper sectionals have built-in beds that pull out from the frame. They also feature chaise longues so that you can create a second makeshift sleeping area. Sometimes, you can even find a single sectional with two pull-out beds.

Sectionals are great for large rooms that need to accommodate seating for multiple people. Anywhere from four to ten people can sit on a sectional, depending on the size you buy.

And sectional pull-out beds are great because they suit larger mattress sizes. For example, many sectional pull-out beds allow for up to a king-size mattress.

Additionally, some sectionals have smaller beds that follow the sofa bed style. These couches feature twin-sized chaise longues, which owners do not have to fold out to turn into a bed.

Types of Sectional Sofas

Not all sectionals are equipped to fit a sleeper bed. The majority of sleeper sectionals are of the reversible or conventional type. They come with one or more couch sections, which you can move around as you please.

Conventional Sectionals

Conventional sectionals come in two flavors:

  1. A fully attached sofa plus chaise lounge section, which can seat up to four people
  2. A full sofa with a removable chaise lounge or corner chair section, which can seat up to five people

Some conventional sectionals also come with additional pieces. For example, large square foot cushions or settees are common. If your conventional sectional does not come with one of these pieces, you can always add them on.

Conventional sectionals can come with pull-out and sofa beds. These sectionals tend to be on the smaller side, though. That means this is not the sectional type you want if you want to add a king-sized mattress.

Reversible Sectionals

Reversible sectionals typically feature many different couch sections. So, for example, you could buy a sectional with a three-seater couch piece plus a two-seater couch piece plus an extended chaise longue.

Additionally, reversible sectionals usually come with large foot cushions. You could move this foot cushion to fit with multiple sections of the couch.

Reversible sectionals are the way to go if you want a couch that accommodates a king-sized bed. They offer the most space for a built-in mattress in the size of your choosing.

Flexible Sectionals

Flexible sectionals usually come in two pieces. Both pieces are of the same size, sharing similar widths and lengths.

Putting them side by side creates one extremely long couch. But you can also put them across from each other as if they are two different sofas.

Flexible sectionals do not typically have pull-out beds. They can double as a bed if you scoot both pieces together. The cushions would become the mattress.

How to Choose the Right Sectional Sofa Sleeper

A sectional is a significant investment. So before you pull the trigger on your purchase, you must ensure you choose the best sleeper sofa sectional for your unique needs.

That is why we have compiled these tips for shopping sleeper sectionals in Nashville, TN.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Manufacturers design sectionals to seat a lot of people. That means this type of sofa will take up a lot of space. So you need to ensure you have room for a sectional before you buy.

The average sectional is between 95 and 150 inches long and 95 to 160 inches wide. If the sectional has a chaise longue included, it will measure about 60 inches in depth. The rest of the sofa will be about 40 inches in depth.

Additionally, you will need to consider the size of the pull-out bed. A bed accommodating a Queen sofa mattress measures 60 inches in width by 72 inches in length. A King sofa mattress measures 76 inches in with and 72 inches in length.

The average-sized sectional would take up an 8-foot by 14-foot space. With the average living room taking up 16 by 20 feet, it would fit an averaged-size sectional and not much else.

You would need a room that is larger than average for your sectional to fit comfortably with the rest of your furniture.

Luckily, there are many smaller-scale alternatives to large sectionals. For example, many modern sofas come with an attached chaise longue. While these couches are not technically sectionals, they offer a similar feel at a fraction of the size.

What Is Your Design Style?

The great thing about sectionals is that they go with almost every design style. They tend to lean more on the modern side, though you can find vintage and antique French-style couches with a sectional-types vibe.

The best interior design styles that go with sectionals include:

  • Minimalism
  • Scandi
  • Boho chic
  • Glam
  • Eclectic
  • Farmhouse
  • Art deco
  • Rustic
  • Traditional
  • Mid-century modern

Sectionals come in many styles, colors, and upholstery choices. That is why it is so easy to incorporate this couch type into your space, no matter your design style.

What Size Mattress Do You Want?

The first thing you need to know about sofa mattresses is that they have different sizes than standard mattresses. Typically, sofa mattresses have the same or similar widths as a standard mattress but shorter lengths.

For example, a standard full-sized mattress measure 54 inches in width by 75 inches in length. On the other hand, a full-sized sofa mattress is slightly smaller at 52 inches in width by 72 inches in length.

Sectionals are the most flexible choice when choosing a mattress size. Most regular sofas can only accommodate a full-sized mattress or smaller. But a sectional can fit up to a king-sized bed.

The exact size of mattress you need will again depend on how much space you have. Here are the breakdowns of sleeper mattress sizes to help make your decision easier:

  • King: 76-in W x 72-in L
  • Queen: 60-in W x 72-in L
  • Full: 52-in W x 72-in L
  • Twin: 38-in W x 72-in L

Knowing the correct sizes allows you to picture the space the bed will go into accurately. 

What Is Your Budget?

Sectionals vary broadly in cost. You can expect to pay as little as $1,000 or up to $10,000. The exact price you pay will depend on the following factors:

  • Whether the sectional is new or used, used sectionals come in at a lower price point
  • How many seats the sectional has, with fewer seats generally costing less than more seats
  • The materials the sectional's frame and upholstery are made of
  • Whether you get your sectional delivered or you pick it up, with self pick-up being the cheaper option

At NashCo Furniture in Nashville, TN, our sleeper sectionals start at $1,077.99. Our most expensive sleeper sectional costs $3,249.99. It is an L-shaped sectional with space for up to eight people to sit.

How to Style Your Sectional

This sectional sleeper sofa guide would not be complete without mentioning styling. A sectional offers a lot of space for throws and pillows. And they look great with a stylish coffee table and trendy rug.

Here are our top dos and don'ts of styling your sectional sleeper sofa Nashville-style.


A rug can be a great way to anchor your sectional in the room. But avoid choosing one that is too large or too small.

As a general rule, rugs should fit under the legs of the sofa. You do not want the rug to extend beyond the sofa's back legs, though, unless you plan to add a behind-the-couch console table (which we highly recommend).

Choose a rug that also extends past the coffee table by at least a yard. If you have a smaller sectional and coffee table, you can reduce that distance to at least 12 inches.

Coffee Tables

The scale of a sectional coffee table can be difficult to figure out. Unlike traditional couches, sectionals often have chaise lounges or flexible ottomans that take up some of the space where a coffee table would normally go.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that your coffee table should not extend beyond the lines of the couch. Choosing a coffee table any larger than that could obstruct the walking areas and flow of the room.

Also, avoid choosing smaller coffee tables for more oversized sectionals. You want to ensure that the table is 12 to 18 inches from the edge of the couch. That way, your guests can reach a flat surface without having to get up.

Throw Pillows

Sectionals offer a lot of blank space. So, you may be tempted to fill up that space entirely with throw pillows. Yet, cramming your new sectional full of pillows is not a good look as too many pillows can confer a messy, cluttered vibe.

Limit the number of throw pillows you put on your sectional to only six or seven at most—the smaller your sectional, the fewer throw pillows you will need.

Throw Blankets

The ottoman of a sectional is the perfect place to display your favorite throw blankets. Make sure to choose a textile or weave that contrasts with the upholstery on your couch.

For example, if you have a leather couch, choose natural materials like linen, cotton, and crochet. Suede, velvet, or damask pillows would look beautiful against a rougher fabric like cotton or denim.

The Best Sectional Sleeper Sofa at NashCo Furniture

Now that you know everything there is to know about sleeper sectionals, are you ready to find the sofa you have been dreaming about?

NashCo Furniture & Mattress Outlet in Nashville, TN has a wide selection of sleeper sofas, including sectionals.

We stock classic and trendy brands at a fraction of the cost. You can head down to our store on Harding Industrial Drive if you live in Nashville. Or you can place your order online from wherever you are located.

Below, we have rounded up some of our best-selling sectional sofa-with-sleeper options for your convenience.

Yantis Sleeper Sectional With Storage

The gray Yantis Sleeper Sectional is part of the Ashley Furniture Signature Design line. It comes with attached and detached ottomans that both feature under-cushion storage.

This sectional is a sofa bed rather than a pull-out couch. When you arrange these ottomans side by side, the couch cushions create a twin-sized sleeping area, no mattress required.

Darton 2-Piece Sleeper Sectional With Storage

Another Signature Design by Ashley Furniture piece, the cream-colored Darton is a 2-piece sectional with under-cushion storage. Unlike the Yantis sectional, Darton has storage compartments under all the couch cushions.

This sofa bed features an attached chaise longue and two additional seats for the ultimate comfort. If you need a sectional sleeper for a small space, the Darton is the one you have been searching for.

Palomino Sofa Bed Left

The Palomino sofa bed is one of our favorite options from Moe's Home Design collection. Moe's is a Canadian brand offering modern furniture with a luxury appeal. This model is the first sofa bed on our list.

Upholstered in a modern dark grey textile, this sofa bed will look beautiful in your contemporary home. Its clean lines also lend well to minimalistic interiors. And the tufted cushions help this piece fit seamlessly with mid-century modern and traditional home decor styles.

The left-facing stainless steel frame supports a couch section and chaise longue section. When your guests are ready to turn in, the frame flips down to create a spacious and comfortable bed.

Charenton Sofa Sleeper Loveseat Wedge Sectional

The charcoal-colored Charenton sectional sleeper is another winner from Signature Design by Ashley. It is one of our larger sectional sleepers and features three movable sections:

  1. A two-seater love seat
  2. A three-seater sofa with a queen-sized pull-out bed
  3. A wedge piece to connect the love seat and pull-out bed sofa

You can also choose to purchase an ottoman with your sofa. It can act as an extension for a makeshift chaise lounge. Or you can center it as an oversized footstool and coffee table.

Brise Queen Sofa Chaise Sleeper

The Brise is a conventional sectional sleeper that is perfect for small spaces. It features two seats plus a chaise lounge. The couch also includes a queen-sized pull-out bed.

Signature Design by Ashley produced this couch with durable polyester upholstery in a slate grey color. The sturdy faux wood exposed legs and clean lines give the Brise a distinctly modern feel.

Unlike many sectional sleepers, this one comes with the mattress included. It is a high-quality memory foam mattress with a durable cotton cover. The mattress sits atop a steel frame.

If the slate-grey upholstery is not your style, check out the similar Abney sofa sleeper by Ashley Furniture. It offers the same specs as the Brise but with a pleasing beige-grey colorway.

Abinger Right or Left Arm Facing Sofa Sleeper

The Abinger is a smoke-grey sectional sleeper from Ashley's Signature Design line. It sits up to six people, featuring a four-seater couch with a removable chaise longue section. The sofa portion folds out into a spacious bed.

The great thing about this sectional is that it comes in two styles. One style features the chaise on the left; the other has the chaise on the right.

Navi Right or Left Arm Facing Sofa Sleeper

Signature Design by Ashley's Navi sleeper sofa is a dark brown dream. It is perfect for rustic spaces with its soft leather-look upholstery. The cushions offer an overstuffed look for a casual vibe.

This sectional features two sections: a three-seater couch with a queen-sized pull-out bed plus a corner piece with a chaise longue. Like the Abinger sleeper sectional, Ashley offers two configurations for this sofa.

Ideal for medium-sized spaces, this sectional would be great for the whole family.

Jarreau Queen Sofa Sleeper

Last but not least, the Jarreau sofa sleeper is one of our most affordable models ever. It is ideal for smaller apartment living rooms. Or you can incorporate this sectional into a guest bedroom or office.

The contemporary design of this sofa lends well to both traditional and modern spaces. It would also look great with glam or art deco interiors. Signature Design by Ashley produces this couch in a calming blue or modern grey.

While the Jarreau does not have a pull-out bed option, it does come with a cushion that pulls out, allowing for room to sleep.

Get Your Sleeper Sectional from NashCo Furniture in Nashville, TN

A sectional sleeper sofa is a great option for those who want ample seating room and a comfy bed where guests can stay over. We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect sectional sleeper for your space!

Are you ready to buy the sectional sofa sleeper of your dreams? Then browse our selection right now. Or head down to our Nashville, TN store if you are in the area and see these beauties for yourself!