Creating a Beautiful Living Room: A Guide for Nashville Homeowners

Creating a Beautiful Living Room: A Guide for Nashville Homeowners

Posted by NashCo Furniture and Mattress on Sep 20th 2022

From picking out the perfect furniture to décor and accents that fit your style, here's all you need to design an amazing living room in your Nashville home.

Most people don't realize it, but about 75% of the entire country is within a day's drive of Tennessee.

The odds of having visitors increase when you move to Music City, and you'll want your home ready for guests. 

If you are thinking about updating your living room to make it more comfortable, there are many details to consider. 

Continue reading to discover the essential steps for creating the perfect living room that you and your guests will love! 

Get a Paper & Pen

The first step in designing a beautiful living room is to write down all of your ideas.

Getting your ideas on paper can help you determine the most crucial aspects and areas you still need to find solutions to. A plan will get you on the right track so that your home improvement project doesn't bury you in debt. You will create a guide for the project.

Write down all of the living room ideas that you can brainstorm. After you have finished, you can highlight the most essential. Use a red highlighter for items that aren't necessary and yellow for additional features that would be nice to have.

Organizing your ideas in this manner can help you focus on the next steps in the room. 

Have your family members add thoughts to the list. That way, they have a say in the design. Since the living room is a communal room, you want everyone to feel happy and comfortable. 

Give Yourself a Budget 

Furniture, paint, and decorations will all cost a bit of money, which is why you must start preparing.

Giving yourself a budget will help you end the project with money still to spare. Prepare for the worst and expect the best when you transform the living room. Saving up for this project will take time, especially if you want high-quality products that will last a lifetime. 

Multiple financial lenders work with our company to help customers fund their dreams. Don't miss updating your living room because you can't afford it all at once. You'll only be responsible for monthly payments and a small upfront fee.

If you want to finance your furniture and decorations, talk to a salesperson to ensure you are on the right plan. Depending on the payback terms, you might have a higher interest rate that could get reduced.  

Handle the Basics

The best way to create a great living room is to start with a blank canvas. 

Once you clear out the living room, you can properly clean it. Cleaning will help you determine what color you want to paint the walls and if you need to replace the flooring. If you can't afford to change floors, carpets are best. 

For a luxurious and soft look, you should get a neutral color for the walls. Patterned wallpapers might seem like a good idea, but they often pull away from your decor. 

Choose a scheme that you will have a variety of shades to choose from. Limiting yourself to only a few colors can make it difficult to find home accents that match. 

Take Measurements

Before starting any purchases, you should have all the measurements for your living room.

Measurements are essential so that you don't overcrowd the space and have too many items. Measure the dimensions of the room and windows. Measure twice or have someone else double-check them to verify their accuracy.

The wrong measurements can cost you money, especially if you can't get a return on something. Measuring is also critical if you add any structural or built-in features to the walls. 

Always keep your measurements with you, even while buying decorations. Overfilling the walls with decor can become distracting and take away from the room's natural beauty. 

Find Time to Make Changes 

The living room is a busy area in the home, so you should have a general timeline for the project.

Set aside time during the week to start cleaning the living room. Empty the room and finish cleaning. Most people can clear the room out within a day or two.

From there, you'll need time to get the painting and floors done. 

Try to find a safe storage space for your belongings so that nothing gets damaged while you work. Let your family know when you plan to update the living room so that no one plans a movie night. 

If you need help from a contractor or electrician, they'll also want to know which dates they will work. Your living room project timeline doesn't need to be perfect, as you can adapt along the way.

Make the Best Use of Your Space 

It can help to draw the layout of your living room design to help bring it to life. 

A visual representation ensures that your space won't go unused. Drawing is particularly helpful if you live in an apartment, condo, or small home. Furniture and walls are great for storing items and putting them on display. 

You can store your collectibles on beautiful shelving. These items can help spark a conversation. They also make your living room feel more like home. If you don't have a place for decor, leave it aside until you find a purpose. 

Beautiful living rooms are based on practicality and simplicity. When you overcrowd the living room, distractions can pull you from the beauty. 

Select Your Furniture

Whether you want to buy your furniture in matching sets or mix and match, you need to start looking early. 

Furniture is often the biggest expense when designing a living room, but if you get a good brand, the quality is worth it. Ashley Furniture and Signature Design by Ashley create beautiful sofas and couches that your family will love. Not only do you need to consider the style of the furniture, but also the comfort level. 

Comparing brands will help you select furniture that will hold you and the TV. Nash Co. Furniture even has the brands Elements and Coaster Fine Furniture. With this selection of brands, you are sure to find pieces that fit your lifestyle. 

Pick the Best Material

Do you have pets or children that easily make messes?

The furniture material is crucial because you don't want it to get damaged. Leather couches are great for living rooms, but dog claws can increase the risk of the material getting scratched or ripped. If you have children, you might want to avoid light colors and materials that stain. 

If you want a reclining sofa, a soft velvet material is best. The soft materials are gentle on the skin and easy to take a nap on. Try to find materials that won't cause skin reactions or make you overheat. 

The material that you select will largely depend on your preferences. The style of your decor and furniture will also get influenced by the color and materials you use. 

Know What You Need

Purchasing living room furniture will take time, but you should know what you need early on. 

Sofas, sectionals, and recliner chairs are perfect for living rooms. You want to ensure plenty of space in your living room to enjoy time with friends and family. Most people recommend getting big couches and sofas or recliners. 

Aside from seating, you'll need somewhere to place beverages and watch TV. A coffee table and entertainment area are necessary for most living rooms, especially those that love watching movies. You can get beautiful designs for each that cover up movie cases and extra blankets.

Buying furniture where you can secretly store items will make the room more visually appealing and help with storage needs. 

Add Unique Pieces

To make your beautiful living room design come to life, you must add unique components. 

Many people recommend adding accent chairs, especially if you live downtown. Our accent chairs can help make your living room look more modern and luxurious. Depending on the style of chair you select, you can add a cozy spot to read a book or a space to sew. 

End tables can also add character and beauty to the living room. There are small and complex table designs that will impress your guests. Our Rafferty brown side end table is perfect if you have gold or brass features in the room.

Trendy furniture and decorations can add a timeless and beautiful look to the most crucial room. 

Don't Forget About Entertainment

As of 2020, around 70% of Americans said their perfect night is spent on the sofa. 

People spend less time at bars and social groups because they want to stay home and relax. Watching movies and listening to music is the best way to spend time in the living room with friends and family. If you want to appreciate these moments, you can without sacrificing the beauty of your living room. 

Entertainment shelves can help store all the movies, gaming consoles, and remotes you need. The best part about getting this type of shelving is that it covers the wiring and is visually appealing. 

It also helps to put your piano or record player in the living room. These objects can go around your furniture and make the room the hot spot for interaction. 

Consider Quality Over Quantity 

No matter your budget, you should invest in quality items rather than getting the most.

It might seem logical to get the most items for your money, but, if they are cheap, you'll spend even more. Quality furniture made with hardwood and other durable materials is best since you can trust that they'll make it over the years. 

Faux leather is a popular material for sofas, but it doesn't hold up as long. Scratches and tears can't get repaired like leather. High-quality furniture will cost more upfront, but, there are reasonable payment plans that you can join. 

Set the Mood

If you want to set the mood, the lighting in the room needs to be just right. 

Adding eccentric table lamps to your tables, with good bulbs, can put people in a calm mood. When you don't overwhelm the room with light, people can appreciate the beauty of the space. Nash Co. Furniture has a variety of table or floor lamps to choose from that will match the aesthetics of your home. 

Other ways that you can set the mood are with your decor. The decorations will influence how people feel when they walk into the living room. Wood and soft fabrics give a calming feel and add a delicate touch to the room. 

When you have a vision of a bright and cheerful living room, light colors are best.

Layer Textures

Adding different textures to the living room can increase attractiveness and make your home look like it came from a magazine cover. 

Lace, leather, and cotton can be layered in the room to increase the color and textures. When there are more textural elements, the space feels visually balanced. For example, a leather chair would look much better with a furry pillow, wool blanket, and silk throw. 

You can layer the room by using different textures for the furniture, carpets, and curtains. If you don't have enough contrast in the room, it looks duller and camouflages items. 

Try to play around with your decorations and furniture to find the best pairings for your style!

Add a Special Touch 

The definition of beauty exists, yet, no one has the same concept of what beauty is. 

To each person, beauty is based on society, culture, and personal beliefs. Knowing that everyone will find beauty in different things should give you confidence. Use your instincts and add a special touch to your living room.

You can add family portraits, artwork, or collections to help display who you are. A home is incomplete when there aren't personal and meaningful items around every corner. Add your child's artwork or projects to help decorate.

Most people discover that their items bring the living room to life, even after the furniture gets delivered. 

Find a Fragrance

Citrus and warm scents can enhance your living room and make people want to walk through your doors.

Candles, incense, and essential oils can make your home feel more inviting. People will love the living room if it smells clean and fresh. When your living room smells stuffy and stale, it can make a big difference to freshen things up. 

Warm scents with a vanilla base are also associated with beauty and elegance. You won't have a beautiful living room if people don't enjoy being in it because of the air. If you want a more intimate aroma for the room, jasmine is a great choice. 

Make the Most of Your Natural Light

Artificial light can diminish the vibrant colors in your home and make you feel restless.

Although you want a dark place to watch your movies, you should make the most of the sunlight in the living room. Installing a large window in the living room can help open up the room to make it more spacious. 

When the sun shines on your home, the colors of your decor will stand out and impress everyone that passes by them. Your wallet will like using more sunlight since you won't have to turn on the lights. 

If you want to create a stunning look and add color to the room, window stickers can help. Patterned vinyl on the windows can help give you more privacy without keeping the light out. 

The Benefits of Natural Light

Natural light helps bring out the beauty in your home, but there are other benefits to consider.

You can add plants into the room, knowing they'll get sunlight. Plants and flowers are a tactic for beautifying the living room because they add bright pops of color and an intoxicating aroma. You can decorate a lot, but if the plants are dull, your room's appearance will suffer. 

Not only does natural light impact your decorations, but it also helps your family and animals. Letting in the sunlight will increase vitamin D levels and help stabilize moods. Studies show sunlight can increase serotonin, resulting in a reduced risk for depression. 

Include Mirrors

If you have a small window or want to make your living room appear larger, you should put mirrors on the wall.

Mirrors act as an illusion to make an area feel more spacious and bright. When the sun's rays hit the mirrors, the light bounces in every direction, preventing you from having to flip the light switch. 

Depending on your style, mirrors can have an antique or bold look. People often use them as decorations, but they can also get used for checking outfits and makeup. 

Try getting different sizes and shapes of mirrors. You can mix them with smaller versions and other decors so they aren't overwhelming. 

Consider the Kids

Whether you have children or fur babies, you need to consider the kids with your living room design.

Just because little ones are running around your house doesn't mean you have to have a living room covered in their toys. Certain furniture can help store their favorite toys and endless burp rags so that guests don't have to see them. Aside from making the room look less cluttered, you'll also always have a toy nearby! 

While setting up your living room set, make sure to leave an open space. Having a cleared area in the living room is important when you want to build a fort or play with the kids. You can also make a dance floor in the living room if your furniture is on one side.  

If your furry loved ones like to jump on the couch and you want to break them off the habit, invest in a comfortable bed. Dog beds fit perfectly in front of fireplaces and windows. 

Considering your furniture and decor plans while keeping children in mind can help you save money. Instead of learning the hard way, you can prevent your dog from ruining a leather chair. 

Protect Your Furniture

A recent survey showed that about 10% of people in the US were embarrassed by the look of their homes. 

The appearance of their homes is often damaged by messes from kids and events. Since furniture is such a large investment, you want to keep it protected to prevent yourself from having to replace it. 

Different types of solutions can be used on furniture to add a protective layer. Adding a layer can keep scratches and stains away, and make cleaning up a breeze. There is nothing worse than scrubbing a sofa stain only to discover it won't come out.

With proper protection, your furniture and decor can look brand new, even years after you bought them. 

Are You Ready to Transform Your Living Room?

Most people have a vision of their perfect living room, but for some, the vision doesn't become clear until jumping into the project. 

Even if you don't have all of the details figured out, you can create a preliminary plan for your living room so that the designs don't fall apart. Getting prepared and having a budget will prevent headaches during the process as you will already understand the limits. 

As you look through the different furniture brands, your style will become more clear. You can start puzzling decor and furniture together to create a one-of-a-kind look that people will love. 

Don't be afraid to show your personality and add meaningful objects to displays. The living room is a place for people to gather, have fun, and make memories. 

Be sure to check out our lovely entertainment centers that could add a spark to your living room!