Caring for Leather 101

Caring for Leather 101

Posted by Shelby Rose on Sep 29th 2020

If you have recently purchased a new leather sofa or chair- it is time to celebrate! You have made an investment into a piece that we can confidently say will be enjoyed by your family for years to come. Just like fine wine, leather gets better with time.

Leather pieces humbly boast many benefits.

Beckham Leather Sofa

Leather is long lasting.

Leather furniture is the opposite of fast-fashion. Leather is a lifetime purchase. While typical fabric can show signs of aging that are unsightly, the aging process of leather is what actually brings out its true beauty! This is called “taking on its own patina” - a deep, natural luster - as the leather gets older. Over time, your leather furniture won’t look the same as it does today. That is part of leather’s unique appeal!

Leather is durable.

Sharing a home with lots of little ones or fur babies? Leather is an excellent choice! It’s strength and durability allow it to stand up to daily wear and tear unlike other more delicate fabric. You will come to find that your leather sofa actually has the life span of 2-3 fabric sofas! If you even need extra peace of mind, you can choose a protected leather for a second line of defense!

Leather is steady.

We have good news for you no matter what season you purchased your leather piece in. Leather has the unique ability to stay at a steady temperature no matter what the time of year. If you are reading this in winter curled up with your cup of coffee take notice to how the leather under you is warming to your body temperature. Cozy, right?! If you are reading this is summer you may have already noticed that your seat stays pleasantly cool. This is because real leather naturally breathes!

Beckham Leather Chair and a Half

Last but not least, leather is easy to care for!

Like anything meaningful, leather requires a bit of maintenance. However, unlike many materials- leather is extremely easy to care for. Simply remember these two key points:

  1. Wipe and vacuum weekly.
  2. Condition yearly.

Easy enough, right? Let’s break down these two simple steps so you feel 100% prepared to care for your new leather!

Daily Care

The daily care of leather consists of managing debris, simple spills, and scratches.

Your very first act of care for your sofa is regular dusting and vacuuming. Keeping the surface and crevices clean defends against sticky build up and unwelcome smells. Vacuum using a small attachment nozzle and dust with a clean, dry cloth.

For spills we suggest wiping up any excess liquid immediately with a soft, clean rag or sponge. If needed, then use a cloth, damp with lukewarm water, to wipe clean. It is important here to remember that if water is used, it is necessary to clean the entire cushion the spot occurred on. Attempting to spot clean leather can leave water marks. Once the area is clean, let air dry naturally. Never apply any heat (such as from a hair dryer) to expedite the drying process.

While it may be tempting to use normal cleaning supplies on your pieces, it is necessary you avoid using any soaps, detergents, solvents, furniture polish, oils, varnish, abrasive cleaners, or ammonia water. All of these solutions can cause damage to your beautiful leather! Water will do the trick under normal circumstances with leather.

Colton Brown Leather Two-piece Living Room Set

Pro-Tip: Specific stains with high oil content such as butter or grease do not need water. Simply wipe off any excess with a dry cloth and then leave the spot alone. The contents of the stain will dissipate into the material over time!

If you are tackling an uncommonly persistent stain, we highly recommend you hand over this job to a professional cleaners with a specific education in leather. When in doubt, take it to the professionals.

Lastly, it is natural for leather to acquire minor scratches. When this happens the solution is simple: use your own clean fingers to gently buff away the scratch. If needed, you can moisten the area lightly with distilled water to work out scratches.

Colton Brown Leather Two-piece Living Room Set

Yearly Care

Leather is a natural material containing oils that need to be replenished about 1-2 times a year. To do so, simply apply a leather specific conditioner to your couch to restore and protect its beautiful shine, color, and supple nature. Failing to do this can leave your piece susceptible to dryness and cracking.

Pro-Tip: Protect your leather piece by keeping it out of direct heat and sunlight. Leather is susceptible to fading if left in prolonged contact with the sun or alternate heat source.

We hope you have learned that with a little TLC, leather is a beautiful material that will truly stand the test of time. If you are looking for more leather furniture at a price you can afford, be sure to check out NashCo Furniture for a wide range of unique pieces! We are excited to serve you!

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