8 Tips for Keeping Your Furniture Looking New

8 Tips for Keeping Your Furniture Looking New

Posted by Lauren Rogers on Apr 9th 2020

Has there ever been a better time to dive into spring cleaning before? Your home is your sanctuary, a place that as you spend more time in it requires more care and attention. Since we’re all spending a lot more time at home, we wanted to share a few ways to keep your furniture looking new! Set a cleaning schedule and split up the work into multiple days to refresh your rooms and enjoy the calm it gives you. The couches, sofas, beds, tables, and chairs that support us deserve a little love.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1.  Don’t try and do it all in one day! Although you may read this article and feel extra motivated to round up the family and get things going, the best way to be thorough is to break up the chores into multiple days

2.  Wipe down the legs of your furniture. They’re easy to forget since they live closer to the floor, but the dust and grime can really build up over time. If you’re wanting to save the Lysol wipes, try combining warm water with a tad of dish soap or 1-2 tablespoons of white vinegar. Then find a soft cloth to use.

Cleaning Your Dining Room Table

3.  Vacuum the sneaky corners of your cushions. Use your vacuum’s upholstery attachment to go beyond the surface of the sofa into the crevices where popcorn kernels and dust hide. You may even find some money in the process!

4.  Tighten legs of chairs and tables. Remember when you assembled that dining room table or office desk? Us neither. Take a few minutes to flip it over to tighten the legs of your furniture for extra solidarity.

5.  Polish wood furniture. Yes, it’s annoying to find that bottle of polish buried in the garage. But even doing this once or twice a year can make a huge difference in the life of your furniture! It will be tempting to over-polish because you’re so excited that you found said polish, but remember to use it lightly. Wait about 15 minutes before buffing.

Polishing Wood Furniture

6.  Don’t forget your outdoor furniture. Although we associate spring cleaning with the indoors, your patio is about to get some extra quality time too. If you have plastic furniture, simply take a wet cloth that’s been soaked with warm water and dish soap and follow your cleaning with a rinsing. Wicker furniture, aluminum, and teak will require an oil-based soap. Simply throw your cushion covers into the washing machine if possible.

7.  Remember that a leather couch or chair needs extra love. After vacuuming, use a soft cloth soaked with warm water and dish soap to wipe it down. Then grab some conditioner to help moisturize the leather. Let it dry and be amazed by the difference.

Caring for Leather Furniture

8.  Dust your picture frames. They’re easy to forget about when you’re tackling larger projects like a couch or table. Take the picture frame off the wall (we know, we know) and wipe it down or use a duster to keep that cute wedding photo looking fresh and clean.

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