5 Ways to Design a Small Living Space with Big Taste!

5 Ways to Design a Small Living Space with Big Taste!

Posted by Hilary Pereira on Apr 13th 2021

We are living in an era where traveling also means finding the perfect Airbnb, people are seeking residence in 5-star condominium complexes for the convenience and amenity, and for some, a sleek townhouse offers the bustle and comfort of living a town and country lifestyle.

Whether you are a devoted city dweller hoping to furnish your flat to maximize every square inch, or you live in an older home originally built with smaller rooms in mind, we all want to make the most of our spaces.

You may think you already know how to work a room, but we are going to get into it! Did you know a considerably tiny room can magically appear grand?

You can transform your space and yourself as ‘DIY designer’ to ‘show-stopping illusionist’ with these 5 tips on how to decorate a small space with big taste!

1.) Design!

A few easy ways to expand your interiors include opting to paint your walls one color in a light shade, or to choose the opposite and select a bold, darker color as both will give the illusion of more depth.

Hanging mirrors in strategic areas throughout your home will expand the spaces, making rooms look bigger and wider.

Doesn’t a pair of dramatic floor to ceiling drapes feel luxurious and royal? Guess what, they will also transform a smaller room in seconds. The eye will be drawn to the height and form of the drapes and everything else can appear more sizable.

What about a well-designed piece of furniture that secretly doubles as a convenient and practical storage unit? I think we all agree storage furniture was simply a genius invention that is here to stay.

Storage furniture really has come a long way. The design and variety of styles are vast, and these pieces can be utilized as great solutions within multiple rooms inside a home. From a ‘rolling kitchen pantry’ on wheels to bunk beds in a kids bedroom that also doubles as a dresser with drawers for their clothes, there are many options to help you get intentional and efficient when making creative design choices that will save space.

We love this piece that is perfect for an entryway, living room or den. A sturdy upholstered bench with curved legs and flared ends will deliver both form and function.

2.) Settle in Right, Day or Night.

A diminutive room will sometimes require a creative plan. Especially if you love to entertain family and friends and host holiday gatherings or overnights at home.

Sleeper sofas also rank high on the genius invention chart! And how great is this walnut colored couch with rolled arms and textured chenille upholstery? Once settled in, your guests may never leave! A quartet of throw pillows in complimentary colors complete the look.

Plus, its memory foam mattress will accommodate even the lightest sleeper amongst your friends, and the size is perfect for a small scale living room.

3.) Lean In!

When you don’t have a lot of floor space to work with, let your walls come to the rescue.

Try hanging cubic boxes to store decor objects or plants that otherwise might take up that precious real estate on your floor.

Install a pegboard on your kitchen wall to hang large pots, pans and cooking tools that may otherwise need to be stored on a bulky butchers block or take up coveted shelf space.

We love this workhorse of a home office! A tidy and attractive desk and shelf combo leans against the wall for optimal space saving, providing a neat nook with a great look.

4.) Scale a Statement Piece.

When designing a smaller room, one large statement piece can work wonders! This will provide a focal point that can ‘trick’ the eye to make the overall space appear larger.

A few strong statement piece examples may be an oversized framed black and white photograph that will stand out on its own. Installing an eye-catching chandelier or pendant lamp will immediately draw the attention upwards in a room that submits an airy and spacious vibe.

pendant light fixture like this one exudes sleek sophistication. Modern and large-scale, the rotating arms feature chic glass domes and silver tone metal, and its dramatic height paired with an ultra contemporary design is sure to make that statement!

5.) Kondo your Condo!

Taking a page from esteemed home organization expert, Marie Kondo, she believes decluttering, purging and only keeping the “things you love” really are the keys to the kingdom.

Set aside one afternoon each week to really inventory your home and release and remove all that is no longer serving its purpose, or serving your energy! Try doing that for one - three months and you will likely feel like you have a whole new house!

We wish you the best in all of your decorating pursuits, and we are always here to help you create the illusion of more space! Come visit us or DM us online to view the largest selection of home design pieces in town!