5 Small Design Choices That Make A Big Statement.

5 Small Design Choices That Make A Big Statement.

Posted by Hilary Pereira on Mar 4th 2021

There are many ways to create alluring design statements inside the spaces of your home. From sweeping revamps to minor makeovers - creating memorable decor moments does not have to be hard, expensive or consume a lot of time.

Whether you are aiming for a bold, eye-catching and surprising statement, or prefer one that carries a quiet and more subdued beauty and energy, a well-thought-out design decision will always elevate a room.

Whether your plan is to inexpensively upgrade tired tones, or dramatically create dazzling declarations inside your four walls, here are five design moves that are sure to make a big impact!

1. Adorn Your Door.

Not only is a front door the very first impression of your home, but it also serves as a fun opportunity to showcase your own unique style to all who walk through it, and those who are passing by!

Installing a top-notch door knocker can immediately add a lot of look to a doorway and will transform the entire entry point to your home.

Door knockers can be found in a variety of styles. From a timeless and classic brass knocker, to worn and rustic wrought iron versions. There are incredible vintage door knockers to be scouted and secured at antique markets, vintage shops and eBay. A personalized door knocker can be custom monogrammed with a family surname or an emblem that is meaningful to your lineage. Or, you can find door knockers in a variety of whimsical shapes and figures that represent your distinctive personality and style.

A few more simple swaps surrounding your front door entrance could be to roll out a fresh new doormat for a clean and updated look, or strategically set a few lanterns down your front steps and pathway to add a soft lit glow as night falls. Nowadays, there are many outdoor candle options available in LED and solar powered that make mood lighting easier than ever!

These indoor/outdoor lanterns make a warm and stylish welcome to any entrance!

2. Switch Things Up!

Light switch plates are often overlooked as actual ‘decor’ pieces because they are installed with the intent of pure function. Yet, every room typically has at least one or more light switch plates, and a simple update to these little items can make a real visual shift inside a room.

A light switch plate painted with a metallic trim could add a little luxe and shine to an otherwise irrelevant spot on the wall. Or, try wallpapering your light switch plates in the same wallpaper that is featured on the walls. This will help give the illusion of a cohesive sightline across the room.

3. Polished Pillows.

Tossing a few brand new throw pillows onto your couch or amongst a vignette of sitting chairs is an easy way to add pops of color, texture and pattern to an otherwise dull area.

Transform an outdated bedroom set with a collection of bright new pillows, or invest in a few oversized floor pillows for lounging and instantly polish up a room! Switching out pillows for different seasons can be a fun ritual to look forward to every few months. Remember to cover and store them well in between uses.

We love this ultra cool pillow designed in an abstract, drip paint print to liven up a couch or accent chair.

4. Natural Beauty.

It’s always a good idea to incorporate living decor into a room. Arranging pots of blooming plants and vases of fresh flowers around spaces will naturally lift your spirits.

How great are these bronzed planters to use as homes for annual plants such as cacti and succulents or any greenery that you love and is in season.

5. Art Anchors.

Art is always a great way to anchor a space. When looking to tie some of your favorite decor elements together in a room, one or two anchor pieces can really help complete the mission.

The best part is, art truly is an investment that never goes out of style!

A transformative print or painting not only has the power to lift up all of the other colors and patterns around a room, but can double as a compelling focal point on the wall.

We love this beautifully crafted abstract piece of art. It can be hung on a wall both vertically and horizontally, offering multiple ways to configure that fantastic focal point!

If you are looking to make a few updates at home, no matter how big or small they may be, we are always here to help!

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