5 Shopping Trends Millennials Love to Follow

5 Shopping Trends Millennials Love to Follow

Posted by Hilary Pereira on Oct 26th 2020

Social, Social & More Social.

It’s no secret millennials reinvented the word “social”. Millennials make up 1/3 of our population - That’s a lot of shopping!

Most spend the majority of their days working and connecting on social media and now more than ever, are creating new and improved ways to socially commune (and shop) from home.

When searching for furniture, millennials keep these core lifestyle interests and trends top of mind:

1. ‘Better-For-You’

Constantly on the hunt for ‘better for you’ products; Eco-friendly, organic and social impact are keywords in a millennial’s vocabulary!

Reusable carriers like these woven baskets can double as pretty ways to display market finds after healthy shopping trips, or serve as great storage accessories at home.

This beautiful etagere made from natural wood is perfect to load up with fresh fruit and veggie hauls from the local farm stand.

2. Sheltering in Place with Cocktails

It’s that magic hour at the end of the day.

Gathering with a few pals at home to test a signature cocktail recipe captured on a friend’s ‘Insta Reel’ is on the agenda tonight. Keep your libation inspirations in sight all week long by styling a beautiful bronze bar cart like this with your favorite spirits and bar essentials.

Launch your very own bistro at home with this sleek set, and wow your dinner guests with a killer roast chicken recipe courtesy of that celebrity chef YouTube download.

3. Designing Around Devices

Staying connected to a supercharged outlet of friends and family is at the top of a millennial’s list.

Designing around devices for comfort, safety and ease can be fun with a home office desk unit that is an efficient space saver but also delivers a sleek look with plenty of space for chargers, smartphone and laptop accessories.

Screens too often steal the scene? Consider blue light glasses to alleviate eye strain. And stay prepared for long hours on the laptop with a supportive chair or pillow at your workstation.

4. That Instagrammable Moment, At Home

Creating moments at home to share online is more popular than ever. When friends and family visit, engage them with an energy in your space that will live on(line) forever. Toss a fun printed throw pillow for extra selfie inspo onto a communal couch or guest bed.

Create a chalkboard paint wall where friends can write parting well wishes or reviews of your home-cooked meal. Landscape an outdoor living space with a swinging chair under the backyard Oak tree. Hang a great piece of art where everyone will linger for a wall gaze and a snapshot, like this Albert Gray Wall Art set.

Look around your space to design specific areas with the intention of interaction, and watch shareable content take flight!

5. Make Money While You Sleep - Literally

The Home Share trend is a MEGA one.

From VRBO to Air B & B, many millennials prefer to travel by scouting out the best Home Share rentals versus staying in hotels. They are also actively renting their own spaces on Home Share platforms.

A smart investment piece would be a convertible piece of furniture like this chic sleeper sofa bed, which will make guests feel comfortable from day to night.

Hosting guests is an art form, but it doesn’t have to be painfully pricey or time consuming.

Set up your space with clear guideposts for guests and renters like this great entryway storage unit to place shoes, hats, scarves and outerwear alongside an easy-access umbrella stand right near the door.

Lastly, welcoming guests with a few refreshments like bottled waters or small packs of granola or popcorn will mean a lot to weary travelers after a long flight or drive.

And, leaving a thoughtfully curated list of local restaurants, markets and activities for guests will go a long way.