5 Dining Table Trends for 2020 That Are Here to Stay

5 Dining Table Trends for 2020 That Are Here to Stay

Posted by Tara Silvestri on Sep 26th 2019

The holidays are fast approaching which means meals, meals and more meals, and most likely you will be gathered around the dining room table. For many of us, the idea of a formal meal is a foreign concept. There has been a “casualization” of sorts when it comes to home entertaining and specifically around the holidays. Many of us enjoy the company of others while standing around the kitchen island picking at cheese trays and mini meatballs, but we at NashCo champion the sit-down-around-the-dining-table celebration of the holidays. In light of our fast-paced, mobile-friendly, digital-dependent world, the dining room table stops time and brings us together to make memories and uphold traditions.

Fortunately, now more than ever, trends and design in dining room table décor offer something for everyone from style to size to affordability. In the midst of so many dining table options available, there are some trends that have been going strong for years and a few that we see emerging in 2020. If you’ve resisted the idea of investing in a dining room table because you think the options are stodgy and outdated, let us reassure you that is not the case. Not only are dining room tables a wonderful way to bring your family, friends and extended family together for meals and fellowship, they can be beautiful interior design additions to your home.

So have some fun with your home entertaining this holiday season that hopefully continues into the new year. Whether you are ready to invest in your very first table or if it’s time to refresh your dining room, check out these five dining table trends that are here to stay.

Mixing Textures and Styles

Dining Table Mixed Textures

Gone are the days of matchy-matchy. Mixings textures, patterns and colors can add warmth and dimension to your dining room. We love the neutral upholstered chairs paired with the rustic, dark wood of the table. The simple lines of the chairs is also a nice contrast to the heaviness of the table legs. The bench adds a modern farmhouse vibe and the whole look makes for an inviting dining room that is both warm and elegant. Of course, the white brick wall is the perfect palette for the the overall look. Don't be afraid to choose the elements that you like to create a unique look for your dining room. If you love this look, but the idea of creating it overwhelms you, come in a visit one of our consultants. They can work with you to create the dining room of your dreams.


Dining Table with Bench

Maybe you are wondering why bench seating is included in our top five favorite dining room table trends. If you are, we will explain. Benches offer three major benefits to any dining room.

1.) They are great space savers. If your dining room is on the smaller side, a bench seat can be easily pushed under the table to make room for foot traffic and extra space when not using the table. A bench seat works particularly well if your table needs to have one side against a window. The height, or lack thereof, of the bench won't block windows or impede blinds or curtains.

2.) You can fit more people on a bench. Whereas, a four-top table pictured about can fit a maximum of two chairs per one side, you can easily fit three smaller people on a bench. It's a great option for families with kids.

3.) Benches add a country French/modern farmhouse vibe that is oh-so charming. Instantly infuse character into your dining room with the inclusion of bench seating.

Upholstered Chairs

Dining Table with Upholstered Chairs

If your goal is to gather around the table for lingering dinners or to utilize your dining room for an occasional workspace, comfort when choosing chairs can not be ignored. Let's face it, our bottoms get tired of sitting for more than an hour on wood, acrylic or metal chairs. Upholstered chairs add a next-level comfort that creates a sitting space where people want to stay. Additionally, upholstered chairs add style, richness and texture to your dining room adding to the overall aesthetic to the room. Fabrics can be neutral as pictured above or patterned to reflect a more stylized look. 

Round Tables

Round Dining Room Table

The round dining room table dates back to the Middle Ages, and we can definitely see why it has stood the test of time. Although most dining rooms are configured for a rectangular table, a round table provides intimacy and is a better conduit for conversation than a rectangular option. As home design trends towards more open spaces, it opens up more opportunities for round tables to be incorporated into furniture decor. 

Retro-Inspired Design

Retro-Inspired Dining Room Table

Over the last couple of years, we have seen rustic take a backseat to modern, retro-inspired decor. Everything from hairpin legs to acrylic tables are changing the aesthetic of what is becoming mainstream in interior and furniture design. This, of course, goes for dining room tables too. While we know a retro-inspired dining room table isn't for everyone just yet, this trend isn't going anywhere. The fresh, simple lines in the set above add a cheerful touch and plenty of style to any dining room.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a dining room table has never been so exciting! Feeling overwhelmed with the many options and styles? Give us a call or come in to meet with one of our consultants in person. 

Happy Dining!

Your NashCo Team