​5 Best Sectional Sofas for Big Families

​5 Best Sectional Sofas for Big Families

Posted by Shelby Rose on Aug 10th 2020

Imagine this: it is family movie night. The smell of popcorn is making its way across the house. Everyone is snuggling up in their favorite pjs and blankets. Your whole crew makes their way into the living room and like magic everyone finds their perfect seat. No fighting over the “good spot.” No one complaining about having to sit on the floor. Everyone in their own comfortable zone ready to make family memories!

Sounding too good to be true?! You may think so if you own a sofa that is not quite up to the challenges of serving you and your family!

Here at NashCo, we believe furniture should create spaces for your family to thrive. That is why we have compiled these 5 Best Sofas for Big Families. All will make you believe again in family movie night magic!

NashCo Cloud Sectional

1. Cloud Sectional

We have all seen the Restoration hardware version. If you have drooled over their classic sink-into, stunning sofa, but have not been a fan of the steep price- this is for you! The Cloud Sectional is ideal for your movie room, basement, or highly traffic family area. With fold over cushions and super soft fabric, your only issue may be keeping the family AWAKE during movie night! Perfect for a cat nap, snuggles, and everything in between. The Cloud Sofa is a crowd favorite!

Hallstrung Gray Power Recliner Sectional

2. Motion Sectional

Motion furniture has come a long way since dad’s lazy chair. Now with a myriad of hi-tech features, your sofa can be your new therapeutic oasis! Motional sections are not only supportive, but very stylish these days! Ranging from genuine, Italian-imported leather to cozy suede, you do not have to compromise style for comfort. Get ready to kick back with the whole family in pure relaxation!

Megginson Chaise Sofa

3. Classic Sectional

When we hear the word “classic” we think, “a piece that will withstand the changes of time.” Typically this looks like neutral coloring, simple design, and comfort. We suggest looking for these characteristics in your next sectional if you find yourself eager to redecorate often or if you love to rearrange furniture for a new feel. By investing in a classic sectional, the room (and your family!) can easy evolve around it for years to come!

Alliston Sectional

4. Leather Sectional

There are few things more timeless than a sturdy leather sofa. If you family is looking for something you can all gather on without the stress of stains and high maintenance, a leather sectional is for you. Leather is cool to the touch and comfortable, making it a great space to squeeze in just one more person! It is easy to clean so you do not need to stress about spills and accidents. For a stress free piece that is made to last, consider a leather sectional!

Modern Grey Sectional

5. Modern Sectional

Are you the type of family who is always ahead of the trend? Do you love things that are different or outside the box? If so, a cool modern section if just for you! Hip features such as exposed legs are becoming more popular as furniture pieces are beginning to become a very expressive outlet for people. If you are looking for a fun way to spice up your family room, this is a great place to start! Your movie night just got a whole lot cooler!

When choosing the sofa that is right for your big family, remember a few core questions:

“Will this sofa still be spacious when EVERYONE is on it?”

“Will this sofa withstand the wear and tear of multiple people?”

“Will this sofa inspire us to come together?”

If it answers, “yes” to these questions, it may be time to take it home!